Sickter Gnar

Sickter Gnar: Blue Rating(intermediate)

Trail Overview: Sickter Gnar is characterized as the name implies, just when you thought it was the sickest trail you’ve ridden, you drop into some Gnar. It begins off the upper platform into a rock garden section and winds into a ribbon of sculpted berms, jumps including tabletops, doubles along with wooden ladders and technical features of various designs. Sickter Gnar is a blue rated trails and riders should scout each jump and feature before committing to riding it. Black rated sideshoots and alternate lines can be found within this trail. Sickter Gnar is a bit more raw than the Banzai Downhill trail and is best suited for intermediate/advanced riders to experts.

SG1: Trail Manager, Chris Eggen

SG2: Trail manager, Chris Eggen

SG3: Trail Manager, Sean Temple

SG4: Trail Manager, Sean Temple

SG5: Trail Manager, Patrick Stephenson

SG6: Trail Manager, Patrick Stephenson