Grannies Kitchen

Grannies Kitchen: Black Rating

Trail Overview: If your granny had built a trail, she would have no problem pulling out all the tools she needed from the pantry and drawer’s in her kitchen.  From the steep black rated roll in on GK1, the trail just keeps whipping up something new at every turn for your appetite. GK1 provides the riders who posses the skills required a variety of natural and wooden technical trail features. Infamous drops and stunts such as the meat clever, the cheesegrater, salad tosser,and disposal inspire riders to fly high in the magnificent understory of the Mt. Brown forest in it’s amphitheater style setting upon the hills landscape.

Other notable features on the grannies kitchen system include 1 wall ride, GK3’s section of grannie’s doubles, ET and the Halo’s on GK4. Grannies foot has some of the most technical riding Blackrock has to offer. As with all Blackrock trail systems, each trail section and its feature’s should be scouted before committing to the line.

GK1: Trail Manager, Dan Shell

GK2: Trail Manager, Paul Edminster

GK3, aka Grannies Doubles: Trail Manager, Dan Shell

GK4: Trail Manager, Dan Shell

GK5, aka Grannies Foot: Trail Manager, Dan Shell