Basic Training

Basic Training: Green/Blue/Black Level – Skills Development Area

Trail Manager:  Josh Kohon

Basic Training(BT) consists of an array of dirt and wooden technical trail features that a user can expect to encounter on the BRMBA trail system. This area is first encountered at the base of the trail network. Many of the trails end up into or below the BT area. This serves as a great place to meet up after runs or an area to develop and hone your free riding and downhill skill set. Some  new to the sport riders will spend the majority of the day here practicing before venturing up the hill.

Some of the features that you will encounter include the famous flight simulator or Wade’s drop. You can practice dirt jumping, log rides, navigating “skinny” ladders and various ladder and dirt drops. As with any trail or feature on the mountain always scout your line(s) before committing and progress at your own pace. Basic training is for riders is suggested to riders who have previous bike experience and a mastery of basic bike handling skills. These skills include climbing, descending, braking in all conditions, pedal management, level lifting the front wheel and overall bike control. This area is a great training ground for catching air and progressing as a rider.

Remember to always wear a helmet, full face preferred and body armor such as knee, elbow are suggested. Full fingered gloves are also encouraged. Full suit body protection is used by many riders who enjoy the trails at Blackrock.