Banzai Downhill

Banzai Downhill: Green Rating (Easiest)

Trail Overview: Banzai Downhill (BD) can best be described as the “bread and butter” experience at Blackrock.  It is the most versatile trail on the mountain, allowing each rider to challenge him or herself according to their skill set, so everyone, from first-time to the most-experienced riders, will don a smile as they ride BD.  This trail offers groomed dirt and wooden berms in addition to wooden features that meander through the forest.  All features on BD have B-line ride-arounds, allowing riders to skip those features with which they are uncomfortable and add them into their BD experience with practice and time.  First-time riders especially should scout all wooden and dirt features before attempting them.  Individual riders can apply varying degrees of speed and select increasingly challenging lines, which may result in an experience that can be viewed from beginner up to  intermediate and advanced.


BD1: Trail Manager, Louis Brumbaugh

BD2: Trail Manager, Louis Brumbaugh

BD3:Trail Manager, Tony Valentin

BD4, aka RIP: Trail Manager,Gary Weaverli

BD5: Trail Manager, Luke Cleveland