Blackrock Trails and BRMBA Crew


Blackrock trail system and it’s BRMBA trail management system

The creativity, expertise, and passion that trail builders have put into Blackrock are its heart and soul.  The countless hours of work volunteered to the trails made and continue to make Blackrock the renowned trail system that it is today.

The Blackrock trail system is divided into four primary trails.  These trails consist of “Banzai Downhill” (BD), “Sickter Gnar” (SG), “Sunday Stroll/Brake Check”, and “Grannies Kitchen” (GK).  Among these primary trails, there are two additional trails known as the “Slayer” trail parallel to SG4 and “Dino’s Runaround”, which can be accessed from BD4.  At the base of the mountain, a skills development area known as “Basic Training” contains various features such as wooden skinnies, ladders, and dirt/wooden jumps that reflect those conditions and features that a rider can expect to encounter while riding the Blackrock trail system.  The Blackrock trails are rated according to the skill-set necessary to properly navigate them, with a Green Rating indicating the easiest trails, Blue Rating indicating intermediate, and Black Rating indicating the most difficult trails on the mountain.  The ratings for each of the Blackrock trails are as follows:

  • Green/ Blue Rating (Easy to Intermediate): Basic Training,  Banzai Downhill, Player Slayer
  • Blue Rating (Intermediate): Sickter Gnar, Banzai Downhill
  • Black Rating (Most Difficult): Sickter Gnar, Sunday Stroll/Brake Check, Grannies Kitchen, The Runaround

Each of the primary trails is divided into trail sections.  To best manage the care, development, and upkeep of the trails, each trail section has its own manager and trail crew.  Years of dedication has yielded sculpted soil and wood that reflects the style of each trail manager and their crew, and offers different trail experiences from section to section.

Especially for a first-time rider, it is imperative that all of the trail sections, its features, and jumps are scouted and attempted only after the rider has gained an understanding of the nature of the trail.  Many riders will session the trail sections by riding a feature or section until sufficient mastery for proficiency has been achieved.  Please be aware that if you are sessioning, you must yield to riders coming down the trail; interrupting a rider’s flow can cause undue stress or injury to the rider and/or yourself. All trails are downhill travel only and riding up the trails are not condoned to minimize rider conflict. Please follow our guideline to always wear a helmet while on the trailsystem. Full-face helmets are strongly encouraged and body armor such as knee, elbow and upper body armor are highly recommended on all trails for maximum safety.

It is suggested that first timers to the blackrock system should have prior mountain bike exposure and possess basic mountain biking skills. These skills include and are not limited to climbing, descending, pedal management, level lifting the front wheel over obstacles, bunny-hopping in some fashion, effective braking in all conditions and overall bike control. Being comfortable in the air is suggested if you decide to hit larger jumps. We have built the system to accommodate riders of all skill levels, but each rider should have an understanding of their skill set and scout each feature before riding over, on, off or down. The name of the game is to progress, stay safe and have fun!


Click on the headings below for further information on each trail section:

Basic Training: Skills Improvement Area – Green / Blue / Black Rated Terrain

Banzai Downhill: Green/Blue Rated Terrain (easy to intermediate)

Sickter Gnar: Blue Rated Terrain (intermediate)

Player Slayer: Blue Rated Terrain (intermediate)

The Runaround: Black Rated Terrain (most difficult)

Sunday Stroll/Brake Check: Black Rated Terrain (most difficult)

Grannies Kitchen: Black Rated Terrain (most difficult)