Rider Conduct

Requests of riders from the BRMBA management team

1) Please drive the speed limit or below while on your way to and from the blackrock trail system. Every time you are driving your car with bikes in the area you are representatives of the greater bike community. Dust kicked up from vehicles cause inconveniences to our neighbors and high speeds are reckless on the dirt roads.

2) Park only in front of the Camp Tapawingo gate or along the road out of the lane of traffic. Do not sit or walk on Tapawingo property, stay on the road at all times

3) Public nudity, beer drinking, public urination, use of illicit substances, dogs off of leashes between the parking lot and orange gate and  are not to be tolerated. Dogs can be released from leashes only behind the orange gate. Please ask anyone not in compliance to adhere to these policies. This is a family area and illegal activities and state laws will be enforced.

4)  Mountain bikers riding by the camp at fast speeds are obstructing the peace and tranquility that their guests deserve and at times have startled people and ruined their day

5) Intentionally trying to disturb anyone at the camp, for example, starting a confrontation will inevitably lead to the shutdown of the trails.

6) Walking speed is the only speed that you should ride down the road below the orange gate. If you think your burning up your brakes….Walk!

7) No amount of signage will ever stop the ignorant or illiterate riders from going too fast even though we have posted many large signs. People simply don’t read. A walk policy will only make things worse when disregarded.

8) If confronted by anyone at the camp, please adhere to the message, smile and never engage in a negative manner, no matter how you feel about it. Pass this message on

9) Always stay on the road straight, we are currently creating new signs to help flow and directions to the system

10) Enjoy and have a great time at blackrock.

Please help support the continuation of blackrock by joining with a BRMBA membership which will get you discounts at local bike shops and future benefits. These funds will help the continuation of building features, purchase of tools, chainsaw gas, shuttle funds, honeypots, etc…..We really need everyone to join

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