First Time To Blackrock And Don’t Own Body Armor?

 Click here for a great article showing that you can wear lycra and enjoy all the hardwork that BRMBA has built for varying user groups. Remember that you don’t always have to “Go Big or Go Home”, you can “Go Big or Go Around” and have a great time.

Rider EGP Photo: Nathan

Rider EGP
Photo: Nate

Blackrock can be ridden by riders on hardtail 26/29ers, full suspension mtn bikes of varying wheel sizes and travel. We have even seen BMX bikes and unicycles out on the trails.  At a minimum riders are asked to wear a helmet when on the Mt. Brown trails. Elbow/knee pads, gloves and full face helmets are strongly encouraged but not required. Chest/back body armor are also a good idea but are bulky and hot when climbing. Many riders like to think of Blackrock as armor assisted cross country(aka Freeriding). Many riders push their 40+lb bikes up and have a great time descending on the longer travel bikes that excel in railing the bikes into the corners and jumps. But 20-30lb XC or all-mountain bikes can have a great time.