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Doubt I will find them but I left my hat i wear to work and sunglasses in the changing hut in the parking lot if anyone found them let me know! ...

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Can we expect a shuttle event this Summer? Let us know if you need volunteers to help make it happen. ...

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My son and I finally came out to blackrock.
My son (13) just upgraded from a 24" wheeled kids bike to a 27.5" hardtail.. (Only ridden for 3days prior to blackrock).

He rocked it..rode all the way to the top and bombed down bonzai..! He loves it..
Great trails...!
A vid from BT..

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Did you know Black Rock is directly under the path of the upcoming solar eclipse (rad!)? Did you also know that there are CHEAP camping facilities nearby thanks to our kick ass community supporters at Falls City Store (double rad!)? Here are all the awesome details:

ECLIPSE: A full solar eclipse will occur directly above Black Rock Mountain Bike Area on Monday morning, August 21 at approximately 8:00am (PST)and peak at 9:17am—lasting most of a minute—for MAXIMUM SOLAR ECLIPSNESS!!!

CAMPING: Cathy and Kirby Frink—owners of the Falls City Store—love BRMBA! As a result, they’re offering BRMBA riders exclusive access to their camping facilities in Falls City all weekend. All they ask is a $30/night donation.

It’s going to be rad (x2) and spaces are limited. So don’t wait! Contact Falls City Store now at 503-778-3535 to reserve your spot before someone else poaches it! Or ring Cathy/Kirby directly at home 503-787-1403 (please be considerate that this is a home number when calling) and tell them BRMBA sent ya!

Build. Ride. Respect. BRMBA🤘

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