2014/15 BRMBA Trail Maintenance Days

Come out and help us maintain the trails, re-build and update old trail features, throw dirt and earn some trail karma. Meeting time is at 9am at Basic Training, where we have everyone sign waivers. If there are individuals that are under eighteen who would like to volunteer, we are required to obtain a signature from a parent of guardian on the waiver. We try to work in small teams of four to six people, on different projects, depending on the tasks at hand. We usually try to have the day’s work done by 3pm. For more info on trail building activities, including updates on maintenance day closures for inclement weather, please check us out on Facebook under Black Rock Trail Builders, or BRMBA. The Schedule of Trail Maintenance Days is as follows:

December 14th, January 10th, May 9th, and June 14th.

Upcoming plans: 

-Bonzai DH is getting updated all over. Re-route of BD6 is half way done.

-Sickter Gnar is getting Gnarly. Re-due of aircraft hanger on SG4. New ladder feature on SG6.

-Grannies Kitchen is Cooking. The Cheese Grater is getting an overhaul, and the Wall Ride is getting a re-build.

-Sunday Stroll is strolling right along with Brake Check. 

-Slayer is getting some flow.

-Dino’s Run Around is getting epic.

-Basic Training is getting progressive with some longer flow lines. Getting a pump track, a larger green area, and new updated blue and black lines.

Trail Work on lower grannies kitchen.

Trail Work on lower grannies kitchen.