2014/15 Build/Maintenance Days

Come out and help us maintain, update lines, and features. We always meet at 9am at Basic Training.

There will be a pizza lunch provided by BRMBA and the Bread Board. Shuttles will be provided to volunteers.

If you have your own tools, bring them if you like. For more builder info please check us out on Facebook under Black Rock Trail Builders.

December 14th, January 10th, February 8th, March 14th, April 12th, May 9th, and June 14th.

Upcoming plans: 

-Bonsi DH is getting updated all over. Re-route of BD6 is half way done.

-Sickter Gnar is getting Gnarly. Re-due of aircraft hanger on SG4. New ladder feature on SG6.

-Grannies Kittchen is Cooking. Re-due of Cheese/Pat Grader. Also dismantle and re-due of wall ride on GK2

-Sunday Stroll is strolling right along with Brake Check. 

-Slayer is getting some flow.

-Dino’s Run Around is getting epic.