What is the Black Rock Mountain Bike Association (BRMBA)?

We are volunteer-powered non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to building and maintaining Black Rock Mountain Bike Area trails under Oregon Department of Forestry management plan .  Our secondary goals include helping support other local mountain biking trail opportunities and providing education aboutadvocacy for, and progression of the sport of mountain biking.

BRMBA is an affiliate member club of International Mountain Bicycle Association (IMBA).   Since 2002, out volunteers have been building trails at Black Rock Mountain Bike Area (trailhead is 3 miles west of Falls City near Camp Tapawingo).  Directions: From Falls City, continue west on Main through town.  Bear right on Mitchell.  Turn left onto Black Rock Road and continue for 3 miles (watch for logging trucks!).  Turn right at Camp Tapawingo.  Park at trailhead (do not drive past or block gate!)

The Black Rock Mountain Bike Area is a system of trails for beginner to advanced riders and includes a sessionable skills area.  There are many looping opportunities with variety of routes to choose from.  One-way up on main arterial is ~3 miles, and then sweet, buttery smooth single-track for miles with hundreds of technical trail features along the descent!

What is the Blackrock Board?

Since BRMBA is organizing as a non-profit, there are state and federal laws which require elected officers handle President, Treasurer, and Secretary duties. We have chosen to also add additional seats to help manage special projects and on-going trail maintenance activities.

The board is made up of local riders just like you, but who have choosen to shoulder additional responsibilities to maintain the BRMBA organization.

Each seat on the board has a unique set of responsibilities with objectives in-line with what the BRMBA plans to acheive in the years ahead.

See the BRMBA Bylaws for more details about how the organization functions.  Or,  if you don’t want to see the detail, but would rather see an “overview” of the Byalws, then see Summary of BRMBA Bylaws.

How/when was BRMBA formed?

The Blackrock Freeride Association (BFA) was club formed in 2002 by Leo Kowalski, Michael Susee, and Jason Vogt as loose-knit group of local mountain bike riders who would build and maintain freeride trails within George T. Gerlinger State Experimental Forest as part of Oregon Department of Forestry adopt-a-trail agreement.

By 2006, it was clear that best way to sustain the longevity of the Black Rock trails would be to form a non-profit organization with same core mission of original founders of BFA.   Thus, in March 2006 the current officers of BFA, formed the “Black Rock Mountain Bike Association” (BRMBA), and in May 2006 the non-profit organization was registered with the State of Oregon.

See “History/Timeline ” for more detail about history of organization and establishment of the Black Rock trails.

What’s are the specific rights BRMBA enjoys as a non-profit entity within the state of Oregon?

According to state law, Chapter 65 concerning Non-profit organizations…

      65.077 General powers. Unless its articles of incorporation provide otherwise, every corporation has perpetual duration and succession in its corporate name and has the same powers as an individual to do all things necessary or convenient to carry out its affairs, including, without limitation, power to:

(1) Sue and be sued, complain and defend in its corporate name.

(2) Have a corporate seal, which may be altered at will, and to use it, or a facsimile of it, by impressing or affixing or reproducing it in any other manner.

(3) Make and amend bylaws not inconsistent with its articles of incorporation or with the laws of this state, for regulating and managing the affairs of the corporation.

(4) Purchase, take by gift, devise or bequest, receive, lease or otherwise acquire, and own, hold, improve, use and otherwise deal with, real or personal property or any interest in property, wherever located.

(5) Sell, convey, mortgage, pledge, lease, exchange, transfer and otherwise dispose of all or any part of its property.

(6) Purchase, receive, subscribe for or otherwise acquire, own, hold, vote, use, sell, mortgage, lend, pledge or otherwise dispose of and deal in or with shares or other interests in or obligations of any other entity.

(7) Make contracts and guarantees, incur liabilities, borrow money, issue notes, bonds and other obligations, and secure any of its obligations by mortgage or pledge of any of its property, franchises or income.

(8) Lend money, invest and reinvest its funds, and receive and hold real and personal property as security for repayment, except as limited by ORS 65.364.

(9) Be a promoter, partner, member, associate or manager of any partnership, joint venture, trust or other entity.

(10) Conduct its activities, locate offices and exercise the powers granted by this chapter within or without this state.

(11) Elect or appoint directors, officers, employees, and agents of the corporation, define their duties and fix their compensation, if any.

(12) Pay pensions and establish pension plans, pension trusts and other benefit and incentive plans for any or all of its current or former directors, officers, employees and agents.

(13) Unless otherwise provided in the articles of incorporation, make donations not inconsistent with law for the public welfare or for charitable, benevolent, religious, scientific or educational purposes and for other purposes that further the corporate interest.

(14) Impose dues, assessments, admission and transfer fees upon its members.

(15) Establish conditions for admission of members, admit members and issue memberships.

(16) Carry on a business.

(17) Do any other act, not inconsistent with law, that furthers the activities and affairs of the corporation.

(18) Dissolve, merge or reorganize as provided in this chapter. [1989 c.1010 ยง29]